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2016 09 05 Publishing of the book is being delayed due to need to include information about design of equipment control cables for transceivers and antennas for the Raspberry Pi.
2017 03 31 Summited manuscript to publisher
2017 05 01 Final manuscript submission to publisher
2017 05 01 Publisher beginning design stage
Hamshack Raspberry Pi now in publication!
Check www.amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. Search for "hamshack"
2017 06 02 Great time presenting Hamshack Raspberry Pi story to the fine group at Wabash Valley Amateur Radio Association.
2017 07 22 Hamshack Raspberry Pi site now up. More pages to be added.
This is the site of amateur radio operator Jim Baughn K9EOH
Introducing Jim and Winnie Baughn
1960s Shack
Jim's 1970 Navy MARS Shack
Jim's 2005 Shack
Jim's 2005 Shack
Jim's 2017 Shack
Jim's 2017 Shack and Office

Jim has been involved with electronics and communications since 1955. He noticed that the console radio in the front room could be switched to radio stations other than the broadcast stations. As he tuned the radio on the other bands, he heard people who seemed to be carrying on a conversation with each other. When he asked his dad about them, his dad explained that he was listening to amateur radio operators. Jim's dad introduced him to Maynard Holt W9GJC who gave him the Novice exam.

After receiving his Novice license (no longer available), he made his first contact as KN9EOH on September 23, 1956 with KN8CML.

He became a General Class licensee and while in the Navy in 1960 reached the pinnacle of Amateur Radio Licenses, the Extra Class. In addition he passed his Radio Telephone First Class and Radio Telegraph Second Class with Ships Radar endorsement commercial licenses.

Winnie K9EOH XYL

While still in the Navy, Jim married his favorite wife, Winnie, in 1962. In fact, she has been his only wife.

Jim and his wife were once stranded in Princeton Illinois due to the great January 1967 snow storm. He had a portable transceiver with him, tossed a wire out the window of the motel and contacted a local ham who drove them around the city to pick up needed items.Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Serivce Since that experience, and although she has never gotten her license, Winnie insists that they always travel with amateur radio.

Since that time, Jim has been a member of Navy MARS as Indiana Training Director, District Training Director and Area Coordinator.

He as been a member the Central Indiana VHF UHF radio club and a member of Marion County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service as well as Operations Officer for the Marion County Emergency Management Agency.

November 30, 2008 Jim retired from his workplace and returned to his southern estate. Expect some changes.

Local Links


Southern Estate and antenna farm


Emergency Communications Links

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), is a public service provided by a reserve (volunteer) group of Amateur Radio Operators that is administered by local, county and state emergency management agencies, and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the United States government.

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network

The purpose of the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) is to train and acquire personnel skilled in emergency communications and message handling, who will support Salvation Army operations in local, regional and international disaster situations.


SKYWARN is a concept developed in the early 1970s that was intended to promote a cooperative effort between the National Weather Service and communities. The emphasis of the effort is often focused on the storm spotter, an individual who takes a position near their community and reports wind gusts, hail size, rainfall, and cloud formations that could signal a developing tornado. Another part of SKYWARN is the receipt and effective distribution of National Weather Service information.

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