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Our Southern Estate home for antennas
South Estate Antenna Farm Field

This is the back yard of our property in Southern Indiana. As you can see, with 20 acres there is plenty of space for antennas.

After acquiring property in central Indiana, in an addition under covenant, I realized how lucky I am to have the southern property to erect lots of antennas. For HF, I currently have a G5RV about 40 feet in the air. I also has a 2 meter ground plane only up 15 feet. However, there is a 35 foot push up and 40 foot tower to be put back up for VHF and other antennas.

Ham Shack K9EOH

Here is my ham shack in southern Indiana. This is a complete, portable ham station. Included is a Icom 2200H 2 Meter transceiver capable of 5 to 85 watt operation, a CB radio, an IC-718 HF rig running 100 Watts maximum, a power pole connector with voltage monitor lights and miscellaneous other devices.

On the desk is a computer, high speed satellite internet connection, a Uniden BC246T scanner, 20 ampere power supply, a battery powered Atomic clock displaying the local and UTC times, and behind me is the Emcomm Break Out Kit

Break out Kit

Included in the Emcomm Break out Kit are wooden pencils, AA and AAA batteries, manuals on all the equipment, 2 FRS transceivers, the Radio Shack HTX200, compass, GPS receiver, topographic map book of Indiana, binoculars, leader line and parachute cord for putting up the G5RV antenna in the field using a compound bow and weighted arrow, a LED headlight and 40 meter 1/2 wave long wire with a 1/4 wave counter poise. Also there is a night vision scope.

By grabbing the shack box, antenna tuner, 20 amp power supply, 9.5 ampere hour battery and BOK, I am ready to roll.

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